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Kitchen Management Certificate

The Kitchen Management Certificate makes it easy to take care of the kitchen when you do not have all the skills to rub it. You shall find that it is very hard for one to run a home kitchen and this is based on the way they have paled the budget and arrange for the meals. There are times when you do not know the type of food you want to cook, or the correct mode of presentation. There are different aspects that will constitute good Kitchen management abilities.

After the completion of this course, students will be awarded The Kitchen Management Certificate.

Students will receive their certificates within 24 hours of the course completion.The course fee covers registration, learning materials, assessment and certification.

The necessary Kitchen management skills need to be adapted even in your own home. You need to start by ensuring you have in mind the right budget for the course you want to prepare. You do not want to cook food and find that one person will not eat since it is not enough. You need to take time and ensure that you get the correct option, and solutions. In matters of Kitchen management, you do have the right to ensure you settle with some of the best offers and this will allow you to have the right quantities, the ingredients and the servings.

After the completion of this course, the students will be able to learn:

  1. Kitchen supervision
  2. Menu planning
  3. Purchasing strategy
  4. Cost control
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Operations Management

30-40 Hours, depending on your life style, you can take more or less time to finish the course. You will have 1 year access to this course, so no pressure what so ever.

On successful completion ofKitchen Management Certificate,students can directly apply for the Level 6 Diploma in Management & Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & many more.

This course is delivered via our online Learning Portal. All course materials are available online.

For further details please contact us on info@ukpubliccollege.co.uk

There is a number of options you can pay your fees. We accept bank transfer, Paypal payment, Sterling Cheques, Sterling Bank drafts, Master Card and Debit Card payments.

Course Price
Kitchen Management Certificate £ 47
Once a student is registered we will allocate a UK-Based tutor to guide the student throughout his/her studies. The tutor will be available via telephone, email and via Virtual Learning Environment. The tutor will guide and support the students till the given assignments are complete and submitted.